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    FIREnICE Entertainment delivers sensational cirque performances filled with imagination and inspiration. We provide the best circus performers in Southern California, accompanied with elegant airbrushing, exquisite custom and themed costuming, one-of-a-kind performance tools, and integrated performances immersing the guests into the ultimate splendor.

    With FIREnICE Entertainment, you’ll get exceptional professionalism, smooth seamless logistics, key relationships, and years of experience in providing entertainment of the highest caliber. We provide cutting edge talent and service that brings quality to our clients above the rest.

    FIREnICE Entertainment features performers such as fire dancers, stilt walkers, aerialists, contortionists, acrobats, hula hoopers, glow performers, cyr wheelists, snake charmers, jugglers, choreographed dancers, gogo dancers and much more!

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    FIREnICE makes it a priority to keep in touch with its community on Facebook and Twitter. Whether you are a client, fan, or performer, we consider you someone significant we want to maintain a relationship with. If you are a client that builds your business off attendees, we can market your event. We keep our community up to date with our latest performances, galleries of events, and cutting edge material. Be sure to follow us to get all the latest news.

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    Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. Your event is our business! Whether it’s to help create your vision or help create a vision together, FIREnICE Entertainment is dedicated towards creating a magnificent experience for any size event. Ask questions or discuss your ideas, and let us paint a picture for your event to become a masterpiece. Contact us and we will help you meet your needs for a spectacular event.

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    FIREnICE Entertainment delivers excellence and brings our elegant and exquisite nature of performance art to life for events around the world. We provide well diversified performers providing you a wide range of talent for your event at the very best rate. Whether you choose ambient beauty or a dynamic show, we create an experience at a class above the rest.

    Some of Our Services

    • Aerialists
    • Fire Dancers
    • Stilt Walkers
    • Contortionists
    • Acrobats/Trampolinists
    • Cyr Wheelist
    • Hula Hoopers
    • Glow & LED Performers
    • Snake Charmers
    • Choreographed Dancers
    • Gogo Dancers
    • Sexy Clowns/Characters
    • Break Dancers
    • Acro/Hand Balancing
    • Grinding Girls
    • Jugglers
    • Point Ballerinas
    • Chinese Lion
    • Chinese Acrobats
    • Stunt Cheerleaders
    • Unicyclists
    • Burlesque Dancers
    • Belly Dancers
    • Magician
    • Mermaids
    • Rhythmic Gymnasts
    • Cube Juggler
    • Slack Line Walkers
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    Orange County, California
    Telephone: 310-882-5035
    E-mail: info@FIREnICE.com

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