Our Specialties

Explore a world of possibilities

We specialize in 12+ years of everything circus "Cirque" and a wide range of entertainment services for corporate and private events, music festivals, and much more! We have unique LED glow props and costumes built in-house leading the performance industry. Whatever you dream of, we can create! Some of our specialties include stilt walkers, acrobats, aerialists, fire dancers, fire breathers, choreographed dancers, go-go dancers, contortionists, cyr wheel, tramp wall, snake charmers, bubble ball, champagne dresses, aerial bartenders, magicians, caricature artists, fortune tellers, tarot, palm readers, mermaids, sword swollowers, and specialty entertainment that fits any theme of your event.


Take your imagination to new heights with aerial acrobatics. The sky's the limit on what FIREnICE can deliver to your audience. We fly aerialists as high as 100ft in the air, gracefully maneuvering through silk, lyra (hoop) or custom-built apparatuses. 

Aerial Silk

Aerial Silk, Tissue

Presented as a fabric curtain effect, aerialists perform acrobatics and contortion in the air.

Aerial Hoop

Aerial Hoop, Lyra

Lyra is a hoop suspended in the air on which one or two aerialists demonstrate elegant flexibility.

Aerial Bartending

Aerial Bartending

A glamorous way to treat your guests with the fusion of
performance and bottle service.

Aerial Specialty

Aerial Specialty

An aerialist delivers unique and advanced aerial acts to create the ultimate VIP experience.


Not just under the big top. Watch in wonder as our circus performers contort their bodies, manipulate objects, do daring stunts, and soar amongst the clouds. We will amaze your audience and bring the circus to you!

Stilt Walkers

Stilt Walking

Walking tall above the crowd, let our characters bring your event to new heights.



Witness extraordinary feats of balance, agility, and coordination with our awe-inspiring acrobats.

Cyr Wheel

Cyr Wheel

A large metal ring that an acrobat manipulates while they spin and roll in and around the rotating wheel.



Performers appear to be made of rubber as they maneuver their bodies into baffling positions.



Watch as multiple objects fly through the air. Performers manipulate one or more objects at the same time on and around their bodies.

Ball Walking

Ball Walking

A daring performer uses balance and skill to walk on a ball throughout the crowd.

Circus Barker


Make your theme complete by adding costumed characters to roam and interact with guests. 


Let us bring the heat to your event with fire. Human dragons, fire dancers, flaming hoops, fans, and martial artists with swords ablaze. We take the guesswork out of permitting and safety to help you make your next event sizzle.

Fire Breathing

Fire Breathing

Dragons come to life as performers project a ball or stream of fire from their mouths.

Fire Eating

Fire Eating, Fire Fleshing

Demonstrating their comfort with fire, performers dance, gliding a flame across their skin and even eating the flame.

Fire Hoop

Fire Hula Hoop

Fire surrounds the performer as they manipulate flaming hoops on and around their body.

Fire Poi

Fire Poi

Adapted from Polynesian dancing, the performer rhythmically swings balls of fire to accomplish daring maneuvers and geometric patterns.

Fire Fans

Fire Fans

Dancers combine bellydance and flow arts with elegance to entice your audience using a wedge-shaped fire prop.

Fire Dragon Staff

Fire Staff

Derived from a martial arts weapon, performers execute flowing and combat maneuvers with one or multiple poles on fire.

Fire Sword

Fire Sword

Pirates, ninjas, or even knights in shining armor; performers swing blades of fire through the air and display exceptional command of their weapon.

Fire Parasol

Fire Specialty

Fire tools are limitless; grinders, fire fingers, palm torches, and even parasols. We add fire to anything from the everyday to the fantastic to meet your event needs.


With our in-house team, we can create and customize the light of your dreams. We will light up your night with our fantastical props, glowing flowers, mesmerizing totems, led hoops, poi, snowflakes, cyr wheel, aerial props, and spectacular illuminated costumes. Immerse yourself in a world of color and light. 

Signature Props

Signature Props

Custom made parasols, wings, snowflakes, enchanted fairies, heart totems, and illuminated costumes are just the beginning.

Glow Hoop

Glow Hoop

Spinning circles of light float around the performer to captivate your audience.

Glow Poi

Glow Poi

Persistence of vision creates glowing shapes and customizable pictures generated by technical maneuvers of LEDs tethered to the end of a line.

Glow Wings

Glow Other

We offer LED juggling clubs, tables, wings, fiber optic whips, cyr wheel, and UV reactive props to illuminate your experience.


Our dancers are the best ballerinas, snake dancers, burlesque, gogo, hula, wing, pole, and more with years of training and experience. With elegance and beauty, we will add that extra touch of grace to your event.

Ballet Dancer

Ballet Dancers

Our ballet dancers add grace and beauty to any occasion. Watch as they glide effortlessly across the floor.

Snake Dancer

Snake Dancers

Watch the bond between dancer and snake demonstrated through sinuous moves and sensual dance. 

GoGo Dancer

Gogo Dancers

Add energy to your event with dancers in costumes that bring your theme together.

Burlesque Dancer

Burlesque Dancers

Dancers perform a provocative variety show with bawdy skits and songs. And yes, it may feature striptease acts, but not necessarily.

Hula Hoop Dancer

Hula Hoop Dancers

Dancers transform one or more hoops into a performance spectacular with skilled manipulations on and around their bodies.

Wing Dancer

Wing Dancers

Angels and butterflies add movement, elegance, and color to your event. Performers enchant your event as they dance around your guests.

Break Dancer

Other Dancers

Be it powerful, emotional, soulful, sensual, or energetic, the world of dance is endless. Whatever type of dancer you need, we can provide it for you.


If you are looking for something unique, we can provide mermaids, synchronized swimmers, tarot card readers, mediums, caricature artists, balloon artists, Tesla coils, bubble balls, and even champagne skirts. Whatever you dream we can create for your next event.

Champagne Skirt

Champagne Skirt

Impress your guests with skirts that hold multiple glasses of champagne or other treats and glide effortlessly over hard surfaces.



Beautiful tails that adorn our performers look straight from the ocean and are the perfect addition to any nautical or fantasy themed party.

Bubble Ball

Bubble Ball

A giant transparent ball enhanced with a ballerina, contortionist, or character adds grandeur to your event.



Lightning dancers, cheerleaders, tarot card readers, synchronized swimmers, and whatever you imagine, together we make your vision a reality.